Fox Petroleum Inc.

Fox Petroleum Inc. is focused on acquiring, developing and operating small and medium sized producing oil and gas assets and reserves. Today, oil and natural gas represent two thirds of the energy we consume to heat our homes, power our factories, generate our electricity, and fuel our cars.

Oil and Gas provide raw materials for vital manufacturing industries—including chemicals,refining, plastics, and pharmaceuticals— that employ millions of Americans. A balanced energy future cannot rely solely on increasing consumption of fossil fuels. Yet even after factoring in energy efficiency gains, our nation’s dependence on oil and gas is projected to continue growing.

The good news is that, after nearly 150 years of production, U.S. oil and natural gas resources remain vast. Currently, 85 percent of the natural gas and 47 percent of the oil consumed in the United States are produced domestically.

Fox Petroleum will be an integral link for oil and gas companies in need of strategic resources, at critical times. With adequate oil and natural gas infrastructures in place and vast domestic resources in the future. Fox Petroleum Inc. is set to become a leading oil and gas operator and producer.